BA (physics) Queens College
BSEE Columbia University
MSEE Brooklyn Polytechnic
Peter Buitenkant
24 Thorngrove Lane, Dix Hills, NY 11746
631-491-3414 (switchboard opens 10:30 am ET)
IEEE, senior member
Long Island Consultants Network (LICN)
First Vice Chair, 1994
Chair, 1995, 1996
First Vice Chair, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Copyright © 2011 Peter Buitenkant
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Systems Analysis and design
Medical electronics, portable instrumentation, data logging, explosive gas detection, light generation/measurement instrumentation, digital filtering, Li-ion & SLA battery chargers, solar power MPPT chargers, industrial controllers
Complete hardware development (digital and analog oscilloscopes, VOM, power supplies, signal generator, breadboarding equipment) and software development (PC based compilers, assemblers, interpreters, editors, linkers, simulators) to lessen the burden on your resources and provide fast prototype development
Client training
Microcontroller hardware and software training including selection and how to design with CPUs, PROMs, RAMs, (static and dynamic), single board computers, programming languages, software support tools, simulators and emulators (ICE)
Buitenkant, Peter. "Practical, easy cyclic Redundancy checks (CRC) for uPs" [Online] Available EDN BBS/DI_SIG #1301, EDN magazine Design Ideas, September 16, 1993
Buitenkant, Peter. "Overcoming erase/write - endurance limitations in EEPROMS." EDN. September 28, 2000, pp 95-98
Advisiory committee, Department of Electrical Engineering Technology, SUNY, Farmingdale, NY