Assembler programming
Digital circuit
HBLED designs for industrial, aircraft and marine applications
Explosive gas detectors
Instrumentation with graphics display
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Microcontroller based designs
Software design
(C, Windows BASIC, Assembler)
Analog circuit
Analog circuit design
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Microprocessor/embedded microcontroller hardware and firmware design
Motorola 6800, 6802, 68HC05, 6808, 68HC11, 68000
Microchip PIC10Fxxx, 16Fxxx, 17Cxx, PIC18Fxxx, DSP (Microchip PIC certified Design Partner)

Software design - system arch. and programming, algorithm development
C, Real time Assembler, Windows BASIC
Digital circuit design
TTL, HCMOS: 3.3/5.0 volt, through hole (DIP) and SMT, A/D, D/A, flash memory, Real Time Clocks, data logging, serial communications, for commercial/industrial and extreme environments. OrCAD schematic capture
Electro-optics, signal conditioning and filtering, high speed amplifiers, low level signal processing, discrete transistor design